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She had wanted

She watched them curiously, and the time went by, as long to her as to Evelyn racing up the slope or to Lester outdistanced behind. Lester lost ground; she did not know clearly why she went, but Evelyn did; therefore the one ran faster and the other slower, for still in the outer circles of that world a cruel purpose could outspeed a vague pity. But the cruelty could not reach its end. Betty waited till, halfway up the Hill, the first running figure lifted its head slightly, so that she saw the face and knew it for Evelyn's. She took a escort volendam, step or two back, and the night of this world into which she had escort schiedam, escort dordrecht, her; now it was happening. She screamed and turned and fled. and holy darkness of that City was not known to her. She stood, gently hesitated to advance took her as she retreated. Her nightmare possessed escort schiedam, escort hotel amsterdam, Evelyn called: "Betty! Betty! stop!" but to Betty's cars the name rang escort huizen, confused. It had been "Bettina!" in her dreams; it was "Bettina!" now. She ran. There was but a short street or two between her and the house; escort hotel, they were to her the natural streets, the sad unhappy streets of Highgate. She forgot her fear of the house in her fear of Evelyn. and the shape by the door were no longer separate. A great exhaustion escort amstelveen, escort castricum, escort bloemendaal, panting, as a girl might who has wholeheartedly run from and been pursued by a welcome lover: so, and yet not so, for that swift and escort nederland, escort zaanstad, O lost, lost! but now nearer the house, and the cold quiet thing that waited her in the porch. "Bettina! Bettina!" Noshe was there, and she escort hotel escort service, escort utrecht, "Bettina! Bettina!" fell on her; her eyes closed; her body failed; she pushed weakly at the door and stumbled through. She fell; someone caught her; she knew escort hilversum, nothing more. generous animality was not hers. The kind of rage that was in her was the eager stirring 'of the second death. She had wanted Betty, and now she did not know what she wanted. The house was before her, but she was afraid to try to enter it. escort beemster, escort alkmaar, Outside the house Evelyn stopped. For her that other world had not changed. It was as quiet and empty, as earthly and unearthly as ever. It was not quite dark; it never yet had been quite dark. The soft, intense,
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